The documents needed to apply for our programs are listed below:
1. The hard copy of the graduate and post-graduate Diploma (an official and notarized translated hard copy in Turkish must be added),
2. The hard copy of transcript (an official and notarized translation in Turkish),
3. An official paper from Turkish Higher Education Council (Yükseköğretim Kurumu, YOK) indicating the university is accepted as an equivalent of Turkish Universities
(for all Medicine programs and all Dentistry programs, also Nursery and Health Services Management programs),
4. Examination result indicating that your Turkish Language skills are adequate for the education.
This must be acquired from the language center (TOMER) of our university, (Minimum C1 Level)
5. Your result of the foreign language test (accepted by ÖSYM, for example; YDS, YÖKDİL,…. etc. and result must be 50 for MSc and 55 for PhD.)

Detailed information can be obtained from our internet sites below:

a) One semester cost is approximate 3.000 TL to participate in the graduate program (in 2018)
b) The application and attendancy center for TOMER are in Turkey. Therefore, you can enter the exam only in Turkey.
c) TOMER is TURKISH language examination. You must come to Turkey for exams.
d) Documents must be handed over directly to the institute when you come to Turkey.
e1) English master programmes; “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”, “Analytical Chemistry”, “Physical Activity Health And Sport Sciences”, “Health Policy, Economics and Management”, “Pharmacology”, “Pharmaceutical Technology”, “Pharmacognosy”,”Pharmaceutical Toxicology” and English Ph.D. programme; “Interdisciplinary Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine”
e2) To apply for our another Turkish programs you need to know high level of Turkish. Courses, examinations, seminars, theses are conducted ONLY IN TURKISH.
e3)English language certificate is required as a foreign language certificate during application to English language education programs. Also, there is no need for Turkish language certificate. The language of instruction for these programs is English.
f) All application documents are required to be handed over directly by coming to our institute.
g) You must contact with TOMER for Turkish language courses.
h) Please contact Ankara University International Student Office for details.
Tel:+ 90 312 380 01 15 Fax: + 90 312 212 60 04

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