The Graduate School of Health Sciences of Ankara University coordinates graduate studies within 197 programs (132 Master / 65 Doctorate) under 70 departments in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Physical Education and Sports, as well as some interdisciplinary fields.

Our Classes

   Our school currently has 1839 students, of whom 53 are from foreing countries like England, Iran, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, etc.

   The administrative building of the Institute is located within the Dışkapı Yerleşkesi of Ankara University. The common courses such as Ethics and Statistics are given at this building. Other courses and research activities are held in the other campuses of the university.

The documents needed to apply for our programs are listed below:

1. Diploma (an official translation in Turkish),
2. Transcript (an official translation in Turkish),
3. An ofticial paper from Turkish Higher Education Council (Yükseköğretim Kurumu, YOK) showing the university is accepted as an equivalent of Turkish Universities (for medicine and dentistry programs),
4. Your examination result showing your Turkish is adequate for the education. This must be acquired from the language center (TOMER) of our university,
5. Your result of the ALES examination (A general examination in Turkish for all candidates of graduate education),
6. Your result of the UDS or KPDS (language examinations in English/ German/ French) must be 50 for MSc and 60 for PhD. The examinations as TOEFL,etc. are also accepted.
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